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Jennie's Game Master Application Empty Jennie's Game Master Application

Post  icytreazure on Fri Dec 25, 2009 8:27 pm

Full Name: Jennie

Age: 17

Unfortunately the cliient and ver .55 link does not work, but I do plan on naming my character 'Chanel'. I was able to find another ver .55 link from another private server but as we all know, without the FrankMS client, the game will not work. (Chanel is pronounced as Shan-nel, it is a famous french designer/brand) If you have a new link or solution to your client download link, please do let me know. drunken

Location/Time Zone:
EST (Eastern time) Ontario, Canada

Time Spent on the server:
I am available up to 12 hours during holidays and 10 hours during school days. I go shop or on a date during week ends and therefore I may be online in various times during those days.

Why should we choose you:
I must say I can be a leader. I was (and still am) one of the 7 Horntail hosts in Maple Global (Scania) and I only go online for Horntail runs. I am level 172 and if you would like to search me up, the IGN is LadyCrime. Before I became the host of Horntail runs in my guild (LouisVuitton), I was a Zakum host and CWKpq host for the guild. I am familiar with all the maps, monsters, bosses, PQs, boss runs and functions of the game. I am also the creator of all the custom signatures of my guildmates, and guild banner. If you would like to see, visit <>.

Reason why you want to join the team:
Hosting is a big part of my maple life; and that includes events. I am experienced with organizing multi-player events (as you can see from the above answer). I would also like to help you guys with anything from moderating the forums to in-game security. I would like to ensure satisfaction from players for the sake of customer loyalty by answering their questions and show that 'yes I do care!'.

Past Experiences:
I was a Game Master in EchoMS and GenmillsMS (applied through applications). I am familiar with the GM handbook but I lost it now, unfortunately, after the purchase of my new computer (I felt like I was in Henesys when I was HT'ing in GMS, so you know how fast it is). They very much liked my personality and my support - I catch scammers and hackers through sneaky ways which includes making multiple accounts, acting like someone else, and the proper use of GM skills. I have played Maple global for more than 4 years and therefore I have seen most, if not all of the hacks and scams out there. I am also aware of the disconnecting problems (including some C++ and system errors) some Vista users have and I have the solutions.

Contact: (You may contact me through e-mail or by adding me on MSN)

Last Words:
Hmm..should I say this? I am a half tomboy, so if you happen to play Left 4 Dead 1 or 2, or Modern Warfare II on the computer with Steam, do let me know! Don't mess with my aiming ^_~. I have also played Gunz and Combat Arms from Nexon and my kill/death ratio was up to 3.1! And umms...I am really cool and calm? I like to understand someone before judging them, and that includes hackers and scammers. Everyone deserves to be understood before any actions are taken towards them.

This concludes my application and thank you for reading and/or considering; and Merry Christmas to you all.
Dec 25th, 2009
- Jennie


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