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Post  socalking on Sat Apr 18, 2009 6:11 pm

Hello, I'm applying for the position of a GM because I think that I would do good job at helping others. I am pretty active In-Game and when the server is down for an update/crashed and is waiting to be up again I will be on the forums trying to help any problems I can. Here is my application and I hope you accept me as a GameMaster.

Do you have experience with fourms/ or being a moderator?

-I have plenty of experience of being a game moderator. I am very familiar with famous Global MapleStory forums like sleepywood, basilmarket, etc but also I like to look at other private server forums because I am interested in whats happening with them (i.e : One server was the first that released GPQ, LPQ, LMPQ, and KPQ). I will also try my best to keep all forums as organized as i can so i can help other players with there in-game or non related problems.

Will you help other players with there problems?

-Yes I will, I'm not just going to say "Yes, I will help other players" I will help them. By helping other players I will, answer all there questions (i.e : pointing out where things are, if or if not we have a nx seller/shop, etc). Also if they get rolledback/are stuck in a place and can't get warped out of I will listen to what happened and figure out a way to help them.

How long can you be on our server/ help other players?

-I am a very active person when it comes to the computer
. Well, i am hoping to be a "EVENT HOSTER" Because most of my experience goes to making events and letting all the people enjoy the server more and relax from training, Hoping to get a chance at winning a good prize. Also if anything has gone wrong with the server I will do my best to fix it to the best of my ability until a more experienced GM can 100% fix the problem.During this time i am online i will look at forums 1-3 times a day to see if any players have reports of hacking, scamming, or any other problems that might occur.

Why should we choose you to experience the chance of being a GM?

Well, I may not be the BEST GM out there but, I can help other players to the best of my ability such as teaching them how to get to places, or where do we get our job advancements but also I am very friendly and not only helpful. When the server is down for along period of time, I find out a way to make it up to the players for all the downtime. When a problem occurs I will use the best of my ability to figure out a way of how to solve it. If I can not do so I will try to find someone that can or that can teach me how.

Can you handle stress?

-Yes I can handle a decent amount of stress. I am a pretty patient person and I can stand being spammed in whisper/smegas for items. I might not give them the item depending on what it is even if they get really pissed off at me

Thank you for reading/ making your decision on whether i should be a GM or not.


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SoCalKing's GM Application Empty Re: SoCalKing's GM Application

Post  [Admin]Cool on Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:39 pm

Follow the format or your application will automatically be denied. How can we trust you with the server if you can't follow rules? A GM follows the rules he sets.

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