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Dale`s GM application 2 Empty Dale`s GM application 2

Post  dale4423 on Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:51 pm

Full Name: John Dale

Age:15 years old


Location/Time Zone:Japan/Tokyo.Kyoto,Osaka Time

Time Spent on the server:I can play 12 hours+ in Japan times

Reason why you want to join the team:
Im a begginer of being a GM,the first reason is that i want to be it Razz
The main reason is that i want to help people to have fun in this cool server,
and i want to help other Staffs of this Server to let this Server have more fun
as a GM

Why should we choose you:
-I'm Kind to ppl and i love to help them
-I can speak japanese so i can translate anything(in another servers,ive spotted many japanese ppl so i can be a Japanese GM to translate anything to Japanese players)
-I can manage some fun events with good prizes
-i can invite ppl from another server(i have many friends to invite)
-i can help if there is any problem
-i can research for some informations of how this server is gonna be more fun
-i can vote many times(like u can trust me voting repeatedly in 1,2hours)if im ing Good mood and if you want me to vote for it
-I love to be a GM so you can teach me well even im a begginer


Last Words:
i hope u can understand because idk if im fluent in English
Good luck!Sorry for my first post No i hope you can understand Surprised


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Dale`s GM application 2 Empty Re: Dale`s GM application 2

Post  [Admin]Cool on Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:24 am

Please edit your post. I've just included past experiences as something you need to say. Please be honest. Sorry for the untimely addition. I missed it out while drafting the application format.

Dale`s GM application 2 2ztil5f

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