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Post  Korrupt on Tue May 05, 2009 9:00 am

Full Name: Eddie Otoyo Junior (Pedos GTFO Very Happy)
Age: 15
IGN: Korrupt
Location/Time Zone: GMT +0, Greenwich, London
Time Spent on the server: Not very long just started
Reason why you want to join the team: i have alot of expericence making servers and being GM's and id love to help out and Ban those haxors :O =3
Why should we choose you: because i pwn Very Happy joke because i am very responsible and i know whats right and whats wrong.©️ Copy Right Wink
Past Experiences: i made a Sever of my own with a friend and it ran quite well untill my dedi kicked me off
Last Words: Cya Thanks for reading hope u choose me Wink


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