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Welcome Everyone! Empty Welcome Everyone!

Post  [Admin]Cool on Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:02 am

Welcome all new members. This server is pretty much what you'll get from what is stated in the top 200 listing. First and foremost, this server runs on hamachi and v.55. hamachi.

Network name: FrankMS
Password: 123

This is a new server and there'll probably be much cleaning up and organizing on the way. GM applications are open, they can be found in the appropriate section. The server is currently in Beta Testing. Once it is out of Beta Testing, not only will your stats and items remain, Beta Testers will be given special benefits which will give you an edge over the others. It is a token of appreciation to the Beta Testers who spends time to give feedback and report bugs.

We welcome all feedback, be it positive or negative. Have a nice day. =)

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