Frozer's Gm application =]

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Frozer's Gm application =] Empty Frozer''s Gm application =]

Post  Frozer on Sun May 17, 2009 12:25 am

Full Name:
Tee min shen [ please call me frozer or billy =) ]



Location/Time Zone:
Malaysia [O.o time zone i don't know sorry]

Time Spent on the server:
Means how long have play this server ?? i havent start yet~

Reason why you want to join the team:
because i can make the server better and i m very active

Why should we choose you:
i m Active [everyday on]... friendly.. helpfull.. and more [pls dun say me perasan pls T^T]

Past Experiences:
BabyMs, TwinMs, PieMS, ZizoMS and NarutoMs[all dun famous d =X]

u want my phone or? email

Last Words:
Hope u will pick me ~ Hope to resive ur good news~ ^^


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