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Please Read Before Applying! Empty Please Read Before Applying!

Post  [Admin]Frank on Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:29 pm

Before you go off posting a GM application, please be aware of the responsibility you have controlling the server. We have a decent amount of staffs who are valued extremely high and are willing to help us grow. Think of the GM position as a personal JOB and you could think of me as the boss. It's not a thing where you can slack off and summon 1000x horntails for example, anytime you want ! When you are given the ''GM'' title, you work for me and do what I say. Just because the server is still quite new does not mean I'm going to GM the very top GM application I see. Don't worry, and stop asking me to read your application because I DO take the time to read each and every application that is posted on the forum. If your thinking you can get fame out of being a GM, YOUR NOT! it's a job! I also do not ''GM'' a player just from reading their application because that doesn't prove much to me, in order for me to GM you, I would have to see you as a valuable helpful player who would really do something in FrankMS. Which means, not just joining the server for a position you are looking towards to, aka: GM. Never lie on your application because the result of lying will be denied. For Example: If you were to say you could write scripts and program, you better be able to backup your words because I'm going to be TESTING your skills of coding. There's not much ''playing time'' for staffs because if you were to be playing around, you would be just a .. let's say non-staff member. When I do title you with GM, you're not an offical GM /staff of FrankMS! I will be testing you for at least a week to see whether you meet my expectations of a staff. Don't even try to bash everyone you see if you get denied from me, that will just result in a IP-BAN. But other than that, Good Luck and I'll see you guys in game :]
- [Admin]Frank

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